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You stare at her through the cracks.
You stare at her- but she stares back.
You seek to bring division in every situation.
You speaks in soft hushed voices- this is your flirtation.

But she knows better.
She’s seen this all before.
She’ll exposed all your tactics,
Ready to go to war.

You are the ultimate deceiver, combating lie after lie.
You wear different masks- different faces- never are you satisfied.
You lurk in the shadows looking for your next victim.
The nachash- the tempter- this is how we know him.

You suck the life out of innocence,
Perverting beauty to impurity.
You build your foundation off of pride,
And blame it on insecurity.

You once knew a girl,
So fragile and frail,
But now she has Yahuah,
and with Him she will not fail.

So dear Shatan,
I know better.
I’ve seen this all before.

Dear Shatan,
I WILL expose your tactics.
I’m prepared to go to war.


“In the Dark”

In the dark, is where he abides.
In the dark, the serpent hides.

When the air is silenced,
And all is gone,
Is when you’ll see what’s really there,
It’s shatan’s pawn.

He gambles off your fear,
He profits off your insecurity.
And if you give in,
You’re giving him the authority.

So when the hissing comes,
And the voices draw near,
I’ll scream in his ear.

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

There are men preaching lawlessness,
A message the Ruach hates to hear.
But the adversary will always give the flesh what it wants,
A tickle to the ear.

Wolves in sheeps clothing,
Thats what Yahusha warned us about.
So be set apart from the world,
Take Yahuah’s narrow route.

Yisraels gates are filtered by obedience,
So stay awake.
Stay sober.
Listen with caution and diligence.

“The Agony of Urgency”

Teshuva from fire they cry.
Please don’t forsake His sacrifice.
They’ll cry out,
They’ll weep,
As the fire and worms creep.
We declare from the streets.
“TESHUVA!” I scream.
I scream from beneath my sheets,
When it’s late at night and I hear the crying, the pleading for a second chance.
“TESHUVA!” Before it’s too late,
If you don’t repent you won’t see the gates.
Because there’s only ONE door leading to HIS eternity-
Which Master do you belong too?
Are you the tare or the wheat?
The goat or the sheep?
The decision is yours.

Revelations 15

Cry out,
For Yahuah is near.
The voice is screaming-
O’ye nations hear.
For Yahuah speaks,
But you do not fear.
He searches for the righteous,
Although He will not find them here.
These streets are stained with blood,
The stones have broken bones.
The glass is shattered all around,
O’ye nations here, here will be destroyed.
Why do you not listen,
Although you have ears?
Why do you lament with your eyes-
But your heart sheds no tears?
Cry out,
For Yahuah is near.
His voice is screaming,
O’ye nations hear.

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There is a fugitive,
It likes to run away.
Its mastered the art
of counting down the days.

It hides near railroad tracks,
And slipes into cracks.
And once it’s turned your back on you
There’s no getting it back.

Time is like a fugitive-
It’s always on the run.
It never stops or slows down,
There’s no room for having fun.

Everyones searching for him.
“Where did time go?”
But the real question is…
How much time do I have left here?

But the answer is none of us know.

So number your days: Psalms 90:12.
Get the Kingdom’s work done-
Because the day is coming soon-
When we’ll all have to answer for what we’ve done.


“Forget All those Lovers, My Father is Enough.”

I’d been with many others,
I’d came and gone so many times.
I’d cried oh so many tears,
When it was my heart they did despise.

Yeah, I’d been with many others,
But nothing will ever compare,
To the one who rescued my heart-
After they’d left it stranded there.

I felt used and abandon,
I thought of giving up so many times.
Until the night that I saw your face-
And you held me oh so tight.

Yeah, I’d been with many others,
But I just never seemed to be enough.
So when you promised to never leave me-
I knew it had to be true love.

And oh I’ve cried so so many tears,
Walking down this narrow road.
But I have joy to hold your hand,
Knowing that I’m going home.

And when I get lonely,
And I begin to cry…
I remember the night you found me there-
I remember the look in your eyes.

Yeah I’ve been with many others.
Searching high,
And low,
For love…
But now I don’t have to look anymore-
I have my Father up above.

So forget all these broken hearts.
I know it never was pure love-
As I rest under the shadow of your wings,

I finally feel like I’m enough. 



Mirror mirror on the wall-
How dare you glorify Babylon’s fall?
You brush her hair and disguise her filth-
You praise her name, her sin, and guilt:
But the rain will come and wash away her disguise-
Even the flood came by surprise!
The waves came and the ark was shut-
We are living in the days of Noah.
It’s time to suit up.

Ephesians 6:10-18


“The Compromise of a Lie”
I can’t breathe under the weight of the lies.
I don’t think it’s fair they dominate our lives.
I’m not conforming to their means of slavery-
I’m my own person and I no longer buy into this insanity.
This insanity they sell to us in orange bottles with seals of authority,
They sell it through lyrics and commercials degrading the minority.
Through religious institutions, tradition, and ritual;
Our “freedom” will NEVER be official.

They say we’re only a step away from “equality for all!”
But I know what goes on closed doors,
I know Babylon will fall.
It’s only a matter of time before people realize the chains about their necks.
Just as David cried out, “MY SOUL IS SORE VEXED”.
It’s only a matter of time until near drowning turns into suffocation.
Well today I put my foot down-

“The Curtain of Truth: It’s Time To Pull it Back”

You strangle me with your own insecurities,
White washing your works of darkness destroying all purity-
When the light shines the darkness is exposed.
When someone finally has bravery to draw back your curtain- everyone will know.

You speak your evil, your falsehood, your lies.
Not knowing the abomination of your wickedness the Creator does so despise.
So this is my warning to you: Don’t mess with a child of YAH.
But go ahead anyways-
You won’t defeat my Abba.


“A melody.”

I hear a melody unlike the calamity of noises.
A song that drowns out the harshness of the dark screeching voices.
This is a wave of peace that passes understanding.
No longer do I feel the pressure of commanding and demanding because these eyes have been cleansed.
And it seems all I’ve ever known has been drained.
I’m reaching up towards the sky and I see a light unrestrained.

So bright it’s blinding,
The hands around my neck are no longer binding.
His hands are cradling my heart,
Teaching me this new art called love.
A fatherly love from above,
A truth that IS enough.
A truth that satisfies,
a truth that never denies itself.

This is a truth to be told.
Because from an early age I knew I never fit into that stereotypical “mold” and I always knew deep down there was more to this life that the professors never told.

Neither did the late nights of medication and admission.
I knew from the second I called on your name I could be free because you granted me that remission.
I was stuck down a one way road when Yahusha gave me an out.
He gave me salvation, rebirth- “a new route”.
Because of what the Father gave we can all be forgiven.
Yahusha, His son sacrificed His life.
The greatest gift of all has been given.
My burdens have been lifted,
Thankyou Father.
I love you Abba. 💜


“A slave to the enemy”

I’ve been a slave to the enemy.
I’ve been comfortably walking on glass for too long.
I’ve been a slave to the pills-
Crying myself to sleep with mountains of hospital bills,
Something the doctors can’t fix.
They don’t even know how to diagnose me.
They tried to treat me with benzodiazepines, but what they don’t know is this pain is inside of me.
I’ve been a victim of abuse-
Hitting my head against walls.
Proclaiming “I’ve got this” when all I take are falls.
My ends have become loose.
They’ve found their way to razor blades like sharks and I’ve been having a hard time understanding the verses and remarks.
They whisper late at night “we’re here to help you”, But that’s what they said last time.
And look where I still am.
I’m falling into a pit of quicksand composed of lies and false remedies,
Somebody tell me how I’m supposed to fill these- these empty holes bullets have shot through my head.
Nobody told me my childhood dreams would fall dead.
They say mental illness isn’t real-
So tell me then, what is this I feel?
Here they come again with the prison keys.
Those religious people tell me demons are inside of me.
But I know what is and isn’t real, I know how I feel.
I’m done being a slave to the enemy.
Today; I put my foot down.


“Time is Ticking.”

You can’t be a light for Him and live your life behind a curtain,
Say “I’ve already dedicated my life”- but never actually serve him.

Where is this so called “revival” we’re all waiting for?
It isn’t just around the corner,
It’s the day we decide to be the difference and stop treating the Messiah as a foreigner.

The time is now because the end is near,
for he spoke the very words,
“And, behold, I come quickly..”
Because it isn’t about a denomination or a preacher.
It’s about the blood of the Perfect Lamb-
Our risen Lord and Creator.

Take it from someone who’s tried to find fulfillment
in one to many things this world has too offer.
I’ll tell you fellow Brothers and Sisters-

There is the one and only YAHUAH on the throne,
and there is no amount of worldly pleasure
that will ever amount to the mercy and love he has bestowed.

The Holy One,
The Light of the World,
The Aleph and Tav,
The Solid Rock,
The Prince of Peace,
King of Kings,
The Mighty of all things-

Our Mashiach.

Time is ticking and the end is near, it’s time to pull our curtains back-
the truth of His salvation is something this world needs to hear.


“What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it? And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing. And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost. I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.” (Luke‬ ‭15:4-7‬) ‭

Some things I (we) see
Some things I (we) hear
You whisper these sudden things in my ear.
You say theres things now coming near
What doth time have against humanity?
Is it another way- another method- to test our sanity?
I hear them
I hear Him
He’s here-He’s near- closer than His children think.
Declare and scream!
From the sky you children will see your King.
Mighty and powerful,
You all will sing;
Baruk !
The Prince of Peace at last.
Yahusha, our risen King.

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